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Sensory 4 Dementia


Comforting Hands

Sensory Therapy for Alzheimer's Disease & Dementia

Dementia is a difficult and life changing diagnosis not just for the individual affected, but also for a loved ones carers, family members and friends. Dementia can take many forms and no one person will experience its effect in exactly the same way but it is very common to face times of loneliness, and isolation, frustration and fear . If you are a carer, family member or friend, caring for a loved one or patent with Alzheimer's Disease, Vascular, or any other form of Dementia, in early,mid or late stages,  sensory therapy can provide temporary relief from some symptoms such as agitation, and restlessness and aid moments of peacefulness, relaxation and calm.

Sensory stimulation can help not only promote well being but also provide opportunities for social engagement as well as help an individual with Dementia improve their focus and concentration. The use of familiar music, smells and scents, textures and visual images can provide a feeling of safety,  and is known to help improve cognitive function and aid with recalling memories and prompting speech as well as calm and reassure in moments of anxiety and fear. 

Sensory4all will be providing drop-in sessions for people living with Dementia and their loved ones, not only to assist with providing sensory based activity but also to allow opportunities for for families and friends to connect together in a quiet, safe space with friendly and non-intrusive support. It is also a chance for carers to connect,: to chat and support each other and perhaps even form new friendships. Private sessions will also be available upon request, with individualised sessions focusing on using personalised musical playlists and memory boxes to recreate memories and offer comfort. 

Group drop in sessions

The last Thursday of every month 11am-12pm

£5pp (carers/family members go free)

£4pp for a 2-course lunch


Private sessions


£25 per 50 minute booking for up to 15 people

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