Get to know Sensory4all!




at Pavilion on the Park

Sensory4all is a multi sensory space for all ages and abilities from babies to adults. 


Activities focus on touch, sight and sound as well as the more abstract senses of wellbeing, space, time and togetherness. 

Sensory4all offers a therapeutic environment that provides opportunities for play and learning, and contributes to balancing the level of sensory stimulation. Individuals require different levels of stimulation to remain focused when participating in an activity or task in everyday life. Sensory4all plays an important role in enhancing stimulation through the use of play and equipment. 


Sensory Development

Sensory4all allows individuals to be fully engaged with their senses to discover and explore. By providing sensory play opportunities individuals have the opportunity to not only develop their senses but also develop holistically. Individuals will develop their cognitive, physical, creative, literacy & numeracy, oral language and creativity skills. 


Sensory4all is important for individuals with disabilities as it helps them to integrate all their senses. Our sensory environment helps individuals process all the information their brains receive from touching, smelling, hearing and seeing. Tactile sensory activities develop touch, vestibular sensory activities develop movement and balance, proprioception sensory activities develop body awareness in space, auditory sensory activities develop sound and hearing, visual sensory activities develop vision and seeing, and olfactory sensory activities develop the sense of smell.