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at Pavilion on the Park

Sensory4all is a multi sensory space for all ages and to experience and enjoy from babies to adults, and suitable for all abilities regardless of physical limitations, sensory impairments, or learning difficulties.


Activities in the sensory room focus on touch, sight, sound, smell, and movement, as well as the more abstract senses of wellbeing, emotional development and togetherness. 

Sensory4all offers a therapeutic and educational environment that provides opportunities for play, learning, relaxation and emotional wellbeing by contributing to the promotion of healthy levels of sensory input without inducing over-stimulation. 

Sensory Swings- NEW FOR SUMMER 2024!

We now have 2 static sensory swings suitable for promoting vestibular sensory input and which can also be used as a relaxing, calming space. 

For children over 8 years and adults up to 100kg (15st)


For children 3-10 years up to 76kg (12st)


This swings are available for private sessions only. Please request them on your booking form.


Get to know Sensory4all!


Sensory Development

Through sensory play opportunities individuals can not only develop their senses but also their learning skills. Sensory development via sensory play is scientifically proven to in turn, promote development of cognitive, physical, creative, literacy, numeracy, language and creativity skills. Our brains receive and process information from touching, smelling, hearing and seeing. Tactile sensory activities develop touch, vestibular sensory activities develop movement and balance, proprioception sensory activities develop body awareness in space, auditory sensory activities develop sound and hearing, visual sensory activities develop vision and seeing, whilst olfactory sensory activities develop the sense of smell. 


Sensory4all allows for our visitors to be fully engaged with their senses by means of discovering and exploring. We have become a much loved service for our local community by provide a range of affordable and beneficial services to a wide group of people with a wider range of specific and sometimes complex needs. Our safe, fully inclusive and fully accessible sensory environment is used and enjoyed by many; with bookings individually tailored to groups such as families with young children, schools for children and teens with additional needs, NCT support groups, youth centres, residential and care home residents, and adult learning support units.



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